• The Sugar Stick - Lime Leaf Tonic
  • The Sugar Stick - Lime Leaf Tonic

The Sugar Stick - Lime Leaf Tonic

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Lime Leaf Tonic
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The Lime Leaf Tonic cubes are a bright and refreshing flavour based of the the makrut lime mimicking Iconic Cocktail's signature mixer, Lime Leaf Tonic. Enjoy the bright and tart flavours with hints of herbaceous citrus. These cubes are best paired with gin, vodka, sparkling wine and of course tea. An all natural sugar cube made in Phoenix, AZ with no artificial dyes or flavours.

We also highly recommend it with an iced Green Gold or Cape Town americano, just add a sugar cube or two!

BEST WITH \\ Gin, Vodka, Sparkling Wine, Green Gold tea, Cape Town tea
GREAT TO MAKE \\ Collins, gin and tonic, mojito, margarita

Quantity || Enjoy 12 cubes in each pack

Note || Please note that Teaspressa does pledge to give each product 110% of effort and to carry high standards in quality control but even with that in mind, ALL of our sugar cubes are handmade with natural ingredients. Nature can take its course and with that in mind the sugar cubes tend to have variations whether it be color, size and shapes of the natural toppings, and form. 

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