The Shaughnessy Shoe - Maple

$49.00 CAD $30.00 CAD

The best baby shoes for 0-24 months that are timeless, practical and beautiful. Designed around the needs of a baby’s feet, they promote natural, healthy foot development. It’s a design that caters for Moms too – a shoe that’s easy to get on (with hidden velcro under the buckle) and hard for baby to get off. Perfect for scooting to crawling, cruising to tottering and walking to running, whether indoors or out it’s a classic style that’s practical for moms and little ones, and lovingly crafted to last.

Colour || Maple

Material || 100 Leather upper + Suede Sole, with an additional leather insert

Sizing || 0-6 months [11 cm] || 6-12 months [12 cm] || 12-18 months [13 cm] || 18-24 months [14 cm]

Note || Handmade in Vancouver, Canada. Photos by Levi & Maggie

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