The Leather Belt - Classic

$56.00 CAD $20.00 CAD

The only thing missing in your child's wardrobe that you may not even knew that you absolutely needed is this perfect fitting (and totally rad!!) Leather Belt!! Seriously. Once we got our hands on ours personally, it hasn't left my kiddos side, and bonus - it makes EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT just that much COOLER. Comes in two styles, classic and dainty. Handmade in Edmonton, AB (YEG) by Daniel Corbett and co-designed by The Skinny.

Material || Made with 100% Vegtan Leather and brass buckle. 

Sizing || Two sizes: 1"x20" Fits ages 3-5 years OR 1"x24" Fits ages 5-7 years.

Note || Vegtan Leather will darken with wear and looks even better over time, in my personal opinion.

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