The Bubble Art Bath Mousse - 2 scents

$24.00 CAD

Bubble art is a creative and innovative toy. It allows kids to shape bulb;es into different things using their imagination. Bubble art is also a bath mousse, allowing users to wash thoroughly from head to toe. All natural and organic, this is such a safe and fun way to experience a new bath time ritual!

  • Organic coconut oil – keeps skin moisturized all day
  • Plant extract – repairs, replenishes and protects skin
  • Organic aloe vera – provides protection against and bacteria and inflammation
  • Organic chamomile extract – natural ingredient that gently repair sensitive skin and relieve rashes and itchiness
  • Safe - SGS certified. Natural ingredients are EcoCert Certified. Health Canada approved.
  • 180 ml (6 fl. oz)
  • Selflife: 3 years
  • SHAPEABLE – Innovative Formula
  • SAFE – SGS Tested Safe to Use
  • CREATIVE – Stimulate Imagination
  • ORGANIC – All Natural Ingredients
  • 2 in 1 – Tear Free Formula
  • Instruction:

    1.  Shake well and spray to sink until you see the foam.
    2.  Play with it, build with it.
    3.  Tear-free formula to wash from head to toe.
    4. Rinse it out very easily with water.

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